Balance + Ritual is dedicated to turning our attention to ourselves, and becoming aware of what is required to maintain the highest state of well-being. Throughout our day, even the subtlest interactions we have with the world affect our health and happiness.  This might sound like a daunting thing to master, which is why it is essential to cultivate daily practices that make the process easy, joyful and automatic.

Ancient bodies of wisdom contain systems for this that have been tried, tested and refined for millennia.  The Veda has a 5000-year-old lineage in India, where it has served as the foundation for endless wellness practices - among them is Yoga, the holistic science of Ayurvedic medicine, and a very special style of meditation.  There is nothing mystical about the practices.  Learning and integrating them into life is very simple.  Courses in meditation run over four days for 90 minutes a day.  As per tradition in India, participants in the course leave as self-sufficient meditators with access to the guidance and knowledge of their teacher and the community for life.  

Other health-promoting practices blend beautifully with meditation.  Balance + Ritual is dedicated to the sacred Chinese practice of Cha Dao, or "Way of Tea."  Gathering to share in consciously grown tea has both powerful medicinal properties and cultivates a practice of presence and attentiveness.