Sabina Padilla spreads her broad palette of holistic tools across Portland, Los Angeles, and Miami, running meditation and yoga courses, tea ceremonies and Ayurvedic workshops as well as private consultations.

She has cultivated a uniquely thorough approach to wellness coaching by immersing herself in the Ayurvedic mecca of New Mexico and the centers of Vedic wisdom in Southern India where she studied under Vedic meditation scholar Angela Vroom.  She also studied under North America’s foremost expert in Ayurvedic Yoga, Mas Vidal, and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Amadea Morningstar.   Five years ago, Sabina found the Daoist art of tea service to be the perfect compliment to her wide berth of Vedic studies.  She dove into the spiritual path of tea in Northern Taiwan and China under the tutelage of tea master Wu De, and Portland-based tea monk Po. 

The core of her teachings is the cultivation of self-sufficiency.  True natural healing is simply the reminder of everyone’s capacity to do it themselves.  Sabina’s art is in understanding individuals and guiding them to discovery of their own inner wisdom.